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Pre-Inspection Briefing

Logistics & Administrative Information

  • Working hours (Administration area and Plant)
  • Working spaces
    • Inspectors and host team work spaces, and briefing areas
  • Communications
  • Transportation
  • Lodging and meals
  • Security and badging procedures
  • Other

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Slide Twelve

Administrative and logistics information enables the IT to create an inspection plan that is consistent with the plant site's operational considerations. Plant site working hours should be noted (especially if administrative and operational hours differ). Also, on-site transportation arrangements (primarily if the plant site is large), locations for general discussions, inspection team and host team work spaces, as well as other site specific logistical and administrative requirements should be included in this slide. The plant site should use this slide to reinforce that inspectors will always be accompanied by a host team escort and a plant site representative (if required) while on-site.

Click to Download 1 the Interactive PIB PowerPoint Presentation template.

Note: If would like additional information call BIS at 202-482-1001.

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