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Welcome to the Implementation Assistance Programme (IAP) homepage. The IAP is a tool designed to assist States Parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) in fulfilling declaration and import/export control obligations contained in Article VI and provisions for the establishment of National Authorities under Article VII. IAP materials are focused on how to implement these treaty requirements. The IAP homepage is a central location from which States Parties can directly link to revised IAP materials, obtain contact information for implementation experts and submit suggestions and requests for IAP-related assistance.

In addition to general CWC provisions and background materials related to the CWC, the IAP includes the following instructional features:

  • Establishing a National Authority
  • Potential applications of CWC chemicals to chemical agents
  • The most common Scheduled chemicals used in industry
  • Identifying industries that may use CWC chemicals
  • Conducting outreach for industry submission of declarations and compliance with export and import requirements

Romania and the United States introduced the IAP to CWC States Parties at the Meeting of National Authorities held in The Hague, Netherlands on November 26-28, 2004. Over 100 States Parties obtained hard-copy booklets and/or CD-ROM editions of the IAP. The IAP has since been revised to include State Party suggestions for improving the program.

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