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Export Administration Regulations 

CWC Provisions of The EAR

U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), Export Administration Regulations (EAR) are found in Title 15, Code of Federal Regulations, Chapter VII, Subchapter C, Parts 730 through 774.

The links below will redirect you to the selected code parts in a new window at the GPO Web site, which are updated regularly. When you use these links, you will be going to a Web site that the Bureau of Industry and Security, Treaty Compliance Division, does not control and whose privacy policies may differ.

  Part 734 Scope of the Export Administration Regulations  
 Section of Part 734 modified for the CWC: 
 §734.5Activities of U.S. and Foreign Persons Subject to the EAR 

  Part 736 General Prohibitions  
 Section of Part 736 modified for the CWC: 
 §736.2General Prohibitions and Determination of Applicability 

  Part 738 Commerce Control List Overview and
the Country Chart
 Sections of Part 738 modified for the CWC: 
 §738.2Commerce Control List (CCL) Structure 
 Supplement 1Commerce Country Chart 

  Part 740 License Exceptions  
 Sections of Part 740 modified for the CWC: 
 §740.11Governments, International Organizations, and International Inspections Under The Chemical Weapons Convention (GOV) 
 Supplement 1Country Groups 

  Part 742 Control Policy — CCL Based Controls  
 Sections of Part 742 modified for the CWC: 
 §742.2Proliferation of Chemical and Biological Weapons 
 §742.8Anti-Terrorism: Iran 
 §742.9Anti-Terrorism: Syria 
 §742.10Anti-Terrorism: Sudan 
 §742.18 Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC or Convention) 
 Supplement 1Nonproliferation of Chemical and Biological Weapons 

  Part 744 Control Policy: End-User and End-Use Based  
 Sections of Part 744 modified for the CWC: 
 §744.4Restrictions On Certain Chemical and Biological Weapons End-Uses 

  Part 745 Chemical Weapons Convention Requirements  
 Sections of Part 745 implemented for the CWC: 
 §745.1Advance Notification and Annual Report of All Exports of Schedule 1 Chemicals to Other States Parties 
 §745.2End-Use Certificate Reporting Requirements Under the Chemical Weapons Convention 
 Supplement 1Schedules of Chemicals 
 Supplement 2State Parties to the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling, and Use of Chemical Weapons and on their Destruction 
 Supplement 3Foreign Authorized Agencies Responsible for Issuing End-Use Certificates Pursuant to §745.2 

  Part 748 Applications (Classification, Advisory and License) and Documentation  
 Sections of Part 748 modified for the CWC: 
 §748.8Unique License Application Requirements 
 Supplement 2Unique Application and Submission Requirements 

  Part 770 Interpretations  
 Section of Part 770 modified for the CWC: 
 §770.2Commodity Interpretations 

  Part 772 Definitions of Terms  
 Section of Part 772 modified for the CWC: 
 §772.1Definitions of Terms as Used in the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) 

  Part 774 The Commerce Control List  
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  Supplement 1,
Category 1
Materials, Chemicals, Microorganisms, and Toxins  
 Sections of Category 1 modified for the CWC (Scroll to the applicable ECCN): 
 1C350Chemicals That May Be Used as Precursors for Toxic Chemical Agents 
 1C351Human and Zoonotic Pathogens and “Toxins” 
 1C355Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) Schedule 2 and 3 Chemicals and Families of Chemicals Not Controlled by ECCN 1C350 or by The Department of State Under the ITAR 
 1C395Mixtures and Medical, Analytical, Diagnostic, and Food Testing Kits Not Controlled by ECCN 1C350 
 1C991*Vaccines, Immunotoxins, Medical Products, Diagnostic and Food Testing Kits 
 1C995*Mixtures not controlled by ECCN 1C350, ECCN 1C355 or ECCN 1C395 that contain chemicals controlled by ECCN 1C350 or ECCN 1C355 and medical, analytical, diagnostic, and food testing kits not controlled by ECCN 1C350 or ECCN 1C395 that contain chemicals controlled by ECCN 1C350.d, as follows (see List of Items controlled). 
 1E001*“Technology” According to the General Technology Note for the “Development” or “Production” of Items Controlled by 1A001.b, 1A001.c, 1A002, 1A003, 1A004, 1A005, 1A101, 1B, or 1C (except 1C355, 1C980 to 1C984, 1C988, 1C990, 1C991, 1C992, and 1C995) 
 1E355Technology for the Production of Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) Schedule 2 and 3 Chemicals 

 * ECCN is not subject to CWC control (CW reason for control), but is a related control.

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