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Bureau of Export Administration
15 CFR Parts 710 through 722
[Docket No. 990611158-9311-02]
RIN 0694-AB06
Chemical Weapons Convention Regulations



711.1Overview of declaration, reporting, and notification requirements.
711.2Who submits declarations, reports, and notifications.
711.3Assistance in determining your obligations.
711.4Declaration and reporting of activities occurring prior to December 30, 1999.
711.5Numerical precision of submitted data.
711.6Where to obtain forms.

Authority: 22 U.S.C. 6701 et seq.; E.O. 13128, 64 FR 36703.

§711.1 Overview of declaration, reporting, and notification requirements.

Parts 712 through 715 of the CWCR (parts 710 through 722 of this subchapter) describe the declaration, notification and reporting requirements for Schedule 1, 2 and 3 chemicals and for unscheduled discrete organic chemicals (UDOCs). For each type of chemical, the Convention requires an initial declaration and subsequent annual declarations. If, after reviewing parts 712 through 715 of this subchapter, you determine that you have declaration, notification or reporting requirements, you may obtain the appropriate forms by contacting the Bureau of Export Administration (see §711.6).

§711.2 Who submits declarations, reports, and notifications.

The owner, operator, or senior management official of a facility subject to declaration, report, or notification requirements under the CWCR (parts 710 through 722 of this subchapter) is responsible for the submission of all required documents in accordance with all applicable provisions of the CWCR.

§711.3 Assistance in determining your obligations.

(a) Determining if your chemical is subject to declaration, reporting or notification requirements.

(1) If you need assistance in determining if your chemical is classified as a Schedule 1, Schedule 2, or Schedule 3 chemical, or is an unscheduled discrete organic chemical, submit your written request for a chemical determination to BXA. Such requests may be faxed to (202) 482-1731, e-mailed to, or mailed to Information Technology Team, Bureau of Export Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, 1555 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 710, Arlington, Virginia 22209-2405. Your request should include the information noted in paragraph (a)(2) of this section to ensure an accurate determination. Also include any additional information that you feel is relevant to the chemical or process involved (see part 718 of this subchapter for provisions regarding treatment of confidential business information). If you are unable to provide all of the information required in paragraph (a)(2) of this section, you should include an explanation identifying the reasons or deficiencies that preclude you from supplying the information. If BXA cannot make a determination based upon the information submitted, BXA will return the request to you and identify the additional information that is necessary to complete a chemical determination.
(2) Include the following information in each chemical determination request:
(i) Date of request;
(ii) Company name and complete street address;
(iii) Point of contact;
(iv) Phone and fax number of contact;
(v) E-mail address of contact, if you want an acknowledgment of receipt sent via e-mail;
(vi) Chemical Name;
(vii) Structural formula of the chemical, if the chemical is not specifically identified by name and chemical abstract service registry number in Supplements No. 1 to parts 712 through 714 of the CWCR; and
(viii) Chemical Abstract Service registry number, if assigned.

(b) Other inquiries. If you need assistance in interpreting the provisions of this subchapter or need assistance with other CWC-related issues, and you require a response from BXA in writing, submit a detailed request to BXA that explains your question, issue, or request. Send the request to the address or fax included in paragraph (a) of this section, or e-mail the request to

(c) BXA response to your request. BXA will respond in writing to your chemical determination request submitted under paragraph (a) of this section within 10 working days of receipt of the request. BXA will respond to other inquiries about industry obligations under the CWCR in a timely manner.

(d) Other BXA contact information.

(1) Declaration and report requirements. For questions on declaration or report requirements, or help in completing forms, you may also contact BXA's Information Technology Team (ITT) by phone at (703) 235-1335.
(2) Inquiries regarding inspections and facility agreements. For questions regarding inspections and facility agreements, contact BXA's Inspection Management Team (IMT) by phone at (202) 482-6114 or fax (202) 482-4744.

§711.4 Declaration and reporting of activities occurring prior to December 30, 1999.

(a) Facilities subject to the CWCR are required to prepare and submit declarations and reports, to the extent that the necessary information and records are available, on activities occurring prior to December 30, 1999. Willful failure or refusal to submit such declarations and reports constitutes a violation under part 719 of this subchapter. Declarations and reports are not required if records and information necessary to prepare them are not available for one or more of the following reasons:

(1) The necessary information was not collected, or the necessary records were not kept, because no regulatory requirement to do so was in effect prior to December 30, 1999 and at the time of the activity;
(2) The information, though collected at the time of the activity, was discarded prior to December 30, 1999 in accordance with normal business practices; or
(3) The current custodian of the records or information is no longer affiliated with a facility subject to the CWCR due to changes in ownership or control of that facility which took place prior to December 30, 1999.

(b) If partial information is available, facilities are required to provide whatever information is available, on the appropriate forms, with a notation on Form A indicating that complete information is not available.

(c) This §711.4 applies only to initial declarations and reports, and to annual declarations and reports for calendar years 1997, 1998, and 1999.

§711.5 Numerical precision of submitted data.

Numerical information submitted in declarations and reports is to be provided per applicable rounding rules in each part (i.e., parts 712 through 715 of this subchapter) with a precision equal to that which can be reasonably provided using existing documentation, equipment, and measurement techniques.

§711.6 Where to obtain forms.

Forms to complete declarations and reports required by the CWCR may be obtained by contacting: Information Technology Team, Bureau of Export Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, 1555 Wilson Blvd., Suite 710, Arlington, VA 22209-2405, Telephone: (703) 235-1335. Forms may also be downloaded from the Internet at


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